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Wood & Stone Mulches

A variety of natural wood mulches, color enhanced mulches, and stone mulches are all immediately available as stocked items at Mulch Express Super Center.

Natural Wood Mulches

These mulches are a great alternative to the color enhanced mulches. They are all natural wood with no dye whatsoever. They are the "classic mulches" that have been around for years.


This mulch is made from 100% cypress trees. It is rot-resistant and will not fade due to its natural color. Its blonde color makes it a beautiful application for plant beds immersed in sunlight.

 Cypress Mulch


This highly popular mulch is a double ground bark with a medium texture. It is great for the price conscious consumer because of its economical price. It mats down extremely well and is great for hills and slopes. Also it is great at holding moisture.

 Hardwood Mulch

Double Ground Pine

This mulch is popular with landscapers. It is natural pine mulch shredded from pine nuggets to form an ultra fine uniform texture. It is great for soil conditioning and is used by many plant nurseries for potting soil.

 Double Ground Pine Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets

This "classic" mulch has been used by landscapers and gardeners for well over 20 years. It consists of nuggets that are about 2 inch in diameter and ½ inch in thickness. The large nuggets make the plant bed really "stand out."

 Pine Bark Nuggets Mulch

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

This mulch is a light easy to spread mulch. It is made from small pine bark nuggets about 1 inch in diameter and ¼ inch in thickness. It is a dark brown mulch that holds its color relatively well for a natural mulch. Its medium texture gives plant beds a distinguished multi-dimensional aspect.

 Pine Bark Mini Nuggets Mulch

Tumble Safe

This state certified playground mulch is rigorously processed, and consumer testing has insured that it conforms to Consumer Product Safety Commission and ADA guidelines. It is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association and is the preferred playground cushion by commercial installers.

 Tumble Safe Mulch

Color Enhanced Mulches

These are available in four colors: Mulch Express Red, Mulch Express Brown, Red Cypress, and Chocolate. Using the latest technology, our mulches have the most vibrant color on the market lasting up to four times longer than the natural mulches. We have only the best choice wood product, which allows for better absorption of color. Enhanced with a non-toxic colorant, we have the deepest rich color. With the strictest quality control in the industry, you will get cleaner, more colorful mulch than ever before. We know you will be satisfied. Once you have tried Mulch Express' mulches you will have more appreciation for the landscaping experience, gaining a more beautiful lawn in the process.

Mulch Express Red

This very popular mulch is made from the highest quality recycled hardwood. It is ground, screened, and colored with the newest coloring technology in the industry. With more fade resistant colorant per cubic yard than the industry standard, it yields a more vibrant red color.

 Mulch Express Red

Mulch Express Brown

This mulch is made from high quality recycled hardwood and is ground, screened and colored to exact specifications. It uses a rich brown colorant that makes it stay darker longer than the ordinary hardwood mulch.

 Mulch Express Brown

Red Cypress

This 100% cypress wood mulch is finely ground, screened and colored to our specifications. It is a slightly brighter red than the Mulch Express Red. It also mats down extremely well and is great at stopping the blowing and washing away problems that so many customers experience.

 Red Cypress Mulch


This mulch is made from high quality recycled hardwood. It is also colored with a fade resistant, non-toxic colorant, which gives it a darker brown color almost like a deep rich "candy bar" feel. With its walnut like appearance, it is darker than the Mulch Express Brown.

 Chocolate Mulch

Stone Mulches

These are a great alternative to the wood mulches. They give you a different feel with more texture than the wood mulches. They also do not rot, wash away, or lose their color. Ten years after you put it out; it will look like you just did it yesterday. With over 2000 tons of stone in stock, we have one of the biggest selections of stone mulches in the eastern United States. So if you want it, we usually have it.


This highly popular mulch is made from red crushed brick. The bricks are ground to about ¾ inch in diameter. It can also be used for walkways.

 Brickchips Mulch

Desert Red

This rock gives off a mainly reddish color from a distance, but up close one can really see its multitude of colors. Colors that include: black, tan, cream and multiple reds. It is a very beautiful rock, coming from the south western United States.

 Desert Red Mulch

Volcanic Sunlite

This very unique rock is multicolored with colors that include: cream, red, black, gray, and purple. It has a little rough texture that adds a volcanic feel.

 Volcanic Sunlite Mulch

Lava Rock

This rock comes out of an ancient lava flow in New Mexico. It is a fairly lightweight porous rock with a rough sponge like texture. It is reddish in appearance mixed with some black. From a distance it looks a dark reddish color. You get a similar version for about half the price as compared to the bagged version.

 Lava Rock Mulch

White Marble

This extremely white rock is even whiter than the bagged version. It adds an amazing contrast to any plant bed it is used in, bringing out nearly every color in your plant bed.

 White Marble Mulch

Porche Pink Marble

This rock is a mix of white marble and pink marble. At a distance it has a lavender look. It looks great around swimming pools, and it contrasts amazingly with the plants.

 Porche Pink Marble Mulch

Large White River Rock

This white/cream colored rock is mainly white in appearance, but is not as white as the white marble. Its size ranges from 1½ to 3 inches. It can be used as mulch, or it can be used in ponds.

 Large White River Rock Mulch

Medium White River Rock

This highly popular rock is a smaller version of the Large White River rock. Its size is fairly uniform at about 1 inch. It also has a cream color appearance, and is a multiple purpose rock with uses ranging from mulch, walkways, driveways, and around swimming pools.

 Medium White River Rock Mulch

Small White River Rock

This rock ranges from 3/8 to ½ inch. It is also a cream colored rock, and is great to use for walkways due to the fact of its being "easy on the feet."

 Small White River Rock Mulch

Large Tan River Rock

This rock is a multi-colored, irregular sized rock. It ranges anywhere from ¾ to 1½ inch in size. It can be used either as mulch or for driveways. Many commercial businesses like to use this as mulch.

 Large Tan River Rock Mulch

Medium Tan River Rock

This rock is also a multi-colored irregular sized rock. It ranges anywhere from 3/8 to ¾ inch in size. It can be used for ponds, driveways, walkways, playgrounds, or as mulch for plant beds.

 Medium Tan River Rock Mulch

Small Tan River Rock

This rock is also a multi-colored irregular sized rock. It ranges anywhere from ¼ to ½ inch in size. It is great to use for ponds, driveways, playgrounds, or mulch.

 Small Tan River Rock Mulch

Large Brown River Rock

If you are looking for a darker version of the Tan River Rock then you are in luck, because here it is. It ranges from ¾ to 1 inch in size.

 Large Brown River Rock Mulch

Medium Brown River Rock

This is a smaller version of its big brother, and ranges from 3/8 to ½ an inch in size.

 Medium Brown River Rock Mulch


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